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Time. Something that I value dearly and digitally. :iconthewolfbunny:TheWolfBunny 4 0 Chibi Kyouko Kirigiri :iconcookielessshadow:CookielessShadow 7 0
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Kill la Kill WG: An Exhausting, Relaxing Life
Nonon Jakuzure grumbled a few obscenities under her breath as she tilt her cap forward over her eyes, doing whatever she possibly could to prevent the heat from punishing her any further than it already had. She recalled how much she complained about the winter time and how she wished summer would hurry up and come around; all she could feel was a great sense of regret for treating the cold season with disdain in the first place. It was definitely one of the hottest days that it had been in quite some time. Nonon glanced at the time shown on the screen of her phone. She wondered when that fat lug would finally waddle out of the store with their drinks in hand. She was taking an awfully long time. Nonon could have gone in there with her to get out of the heat, but she was as stubborn as she was sweaty. She wanted to leave the job of purchasing refreshments to the one who suggested the idea in the first place.
'She better not be busy drooling over the snacks section.' Nonon thought dryly
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I really do hope the next Fire Emblem game (being Fire Emblem Switch, of course, which, obviously isn't going to be the official title) features entirely original characters, and not feature any of the Fates children as part of the cast, like it did with Lazward (or is it "Lazwald?" I can never remember), Odin, and Luna for Nohr, or have any of the characters from Fates be part as one of the characters' children (assuming children characters will return in FE Switch) like it did with Grey/Asugi, Caeldori/Cordelia, and Tharja/Rhajat for Hoshido, cause, let's be honest, the real reason why the three Nohrian retainers were included as opposed to oc's was because they were the most popular children characters from Awakening, and Nintendo, and Intelligent Systems added them in because of fanservice (and the same goes for the three Hoshidan "children" characters, only included (as opposed to original children characters) because they were the three most popular Awakening characters, they were DEFINITELY included because of fanservice), now, granted, there was that extra DLC backstory that's recommended playing after clearing the Revelation path which explains how Inigo, Owain, and Severa arrived in Nohr, but, really, that was just an excuse on why they were included, the main cause was, again, fanservice, so, I do hope that Nintendo, and Intelligent Systems don't rely on fanservice, and make more oc's for FE Switch, and future Fire Emblem titles! ^^;

Probably not, though...XD
Why the fuck do some people censor certain words like shit, or fuck?! It's so stupid, irritating, and pointless! Like, for example, instead of actually saying fuck, or shit like normal, it's changed to "sh*t," or "f*ck!" Wouldn't it be better to just not say them?! RAGE 
Man, why is that every single fat drawing of D.Va from the hit video game Overwatch, there's tons of trollish assholes?! Why can't they just fucking ignore it, instead of hurting the artist's feelings...?!
Yeah, I couldn't really think of a better title for this one, but, oh, well. =P I know it's a couple of days late, but here it is! I've made this for my dear friend :iconredqueenallison: since I promised I'd make something special for her! It's a very shitty drawing of Makoto Naegi, and Kyouko Kirigiri from Dangan Ronpa (an adventure visual novel video game with gameplay involvement (similar to the Ace Attorney series), here's more info about the game, and its history:…), who are by far my one true pairing from that game, and I drew, and wrote their names in both English, and in katakana (again, here's the link to that as well:, along with her name in the bottom-corner, and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! in the top-corner, as well as a heart to represent Makoto, and Kyouko's feelings for each other! I absolutely love their interactions with each other throughout the game, it's really funny! XD They're so perfect together! Makoto Naegi (Blush) [V1] :heart: kyoko kirigiri | danganronpa | smile 

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, :iconredqueenallison:!!!!! I hope you :heart: it!! Emoji04 
Well, today's the day! Fire Emblem: Heroes is now officially available to download on mobile app (don't know about the rest of the world, at least not yet), and I couldn't be anymore pumped up! Now, I just have to figure out how, and/or where to download it.
Just found out earlier today that for the first time in 3, and a half decades, the Clemson Tigers from Clemson, South Carolina (my beloved home US state) has won the national championship 1st place trophy, and the match was against Alabama! Ayumi Excited Icon 

I am so proud!! GIF Steven Universe - Excited 

Hopefully it won't be another 35 years, or so until Clemson takes 1st place again! Jibril Excited Icon 

Last time Clemson won was 1981. :3


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